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All our Desk assistant plans are designed to suit the needs of any type of client. We specialize working with a homemaker, start-up entrepreneur, and an established business house. Your DA's will quite simply take care of everything when the month ends. Our DA's are proficient with a variety of business tools to effectively manage your tasks assigned.
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Jen Patriach is a relationship counsellor. A lot of couples came to him with their marriage issues. The pivotal point he said in solving them was check their trust. 90% times these couples didn’t trust each other and hence this branched into many more problems. As a trust building exercise, he would ask one of them to climb the stairs and without looking back fall on the other who was standing at the bottom. Then he would ask the other to do the same by changing places. If the couple didn’t hesitate doing this and the one standing at the bottom would successfully catch one, he knew that they trusted each other and were ready to help the other half solve his/her problems. If they didn’t, he knew there was a serious issue at hand.

We, at desk station, understand and our clients. We know that our duty doesn’t end at delivery our end product but rather extends to maintaining it. We regard our clients as our better half. We keep on introducing updates and features as we develop better technology. We even have helpline numbers which are open 24*7. We have a dedicated relationship for our clients who can feel at ease expressing their queries. For issues not resolved within a day, we even have a senior management which can be contacted on email or through phone. As an official record of your queries, you can also email us.

Our vision is to help businesses grow and their growth is directly related to ours. We also do constant surveys to ensure you are using our services without any hassles. And have a team that constantly looks into your feedback and uses it as fodder to produce better. We even call our clients to advice them how to use our services for better productivity and also release notes related to our new products

You can definitely go for Jen Patriach’s couple test with us and emerge out as a winner. We even plan on organizing seminars and visiting our clients from time to time. You can discuss your business plans with us and seek advice if you want.We are not a bunch of salesmen but a family to our clients. We keep on auditing our employees and update our service procedures so that we can guide you better and shape your business for the better.

Our research team develops the latest the technology so that you don’t lag behind in promoting your business. We help capture you your online fiefdom. We have changed the reach of a lot of businesses and thus helped them grow. Do contact us to get a free advice session and know more about our services.

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