Electric Standing Desk Rating 2023

From the sleek and stylish to the robust and feature-rich, our rankings are tailored to help you find the perfect balance of form, function, and fiscal prudence. We’ve examined everything from adjustability and ease of assembly to stability and surface space, ensuring that our recommendations stand tall.

Rating Methodology

As standing desk enthusiasts, our evaluation methodology is rigorous and consumer-centric, focusing on a holistic assessment of products from various brands. Here’s our approach:

  1. Feature Analysis: We closely examine each desk’s features, including durability, stability, height range, weight capacity, and adjustability. We consider ergonomic design and any innovative features that enhance user experience.
  2. Material and Build Quality: The materials used and the construction quality are scrutinized for indicators of longevity. We prefer desks with robust materials like steel frames and high-quality laminates.
  3. Performance Testing: Desks undergo a series of performance tests. We measure how well they handle weight, their stability at various heights, and the smoothness of height adjustments.
  4. User Experience and Accessibility: We assess the user interface and the ease of assembly. Desks that are user-friendly score higher. We also consider the accessibility of the desk for people of all heights and abilities.
  5. Reliability and Warranty: We investigate the brand’s track record for reliability and the warranties offered. Brands with longer and more comprehensive warranties indicate greater confidence in their products.
  6. Customer Feedback: We pore over customer reviews to gauge satisfaction levels and identify any recurring issues. This also helps us understand the post-purchase support quality.
  7. Price Evaluation: We analyze the cost in relation to the features and durability to ensure the desks are priced fairly. We seek to find the best value for money.
  8. Environmental Impact: We evaluate the sustainability of the desk materials and the brand’s environmental policies.
  9. Continuous Monitoring: Our evaluation is ongoing. We update our ratings as new user feedback comes in and as brands update their products. 


Our methodology is designed to be transparent and adaptable, ensuring that we provide recommendations that are current, reliable, and relevant to consumers’ needs.

#1 best Overall:

BC-based EffyDesk is a pretty good desk for its price, especially if you are looking for the attractive aesthetic of real wood. In truth, however, the desktop is faux solid wood, not the real thing. It is a lot cheaper than the real thing, and pretty, but not a one-for-one substitute from classic hand-crafted solid wood. EffyDesk has taken significant measures to improve the quality of the desktop and frame over the typical standing desks we see come out of Asian factories. Only time will tell if those measures are enough to keep the desk alive as long as its warranties, which are better than what other Canadian brands offer. Hopefully you won’t have to go through the hassle of a warranty return, but if someday you do, Effydesk has friendly and easy customer service for its Canadian customers.

Effy Desk Flagship Electric Standing Desk

#2 best Curved:

Ergonomyx Smart Standing Desk certainly has a few faults, it is one of the few standing desks on the market that has integrated Bluetooth into the design, and has the best app for using the desk (and bike) that we have seen so far. On top of that, the desk has impressive stability as a result of quality engineering. On the other hand, it does have a weak motor with slow movement and low weight lifting capacity, so it’s really for light-duty applications. And with a short warranty of 2 years, we are a little worried that some parts might not be built to last. But with the pretty reasonable price point, we see it as a viable option for someone who wants a truly tech forward desk.

#3 best Sway:

Ergonofis Sway  standing desk is a quality product with one of the best bases money can buy and Canadian-sourced wood that will add a touch of class to any upscale office space. They don’t have a ton of options, opting for a more curated listing typical of many businesses trying to streamline the purchasing process. The desktop quality isn’t quite up to the standard of our favorite American-made standing desks from iMovR, but is better than all the other commodity-grade desks coming out of China. While the price is a bit higher than those more common desks, it is meant for shoppers wanting a superior product, and they will learn that the cost is worth it.

#4 best Design:
Rise Desk

The Live Edge Epoxy desk developed and sold by RiseDesk out of Toronto is one of the three premium standing desks made in Canada today (the Ergonofis Sway and Alive desks being the other two). This 60″ by 30″ tabletop is locally sourced from the forests of Canada, shaped and finished using epoxy resin inside a local Toronto woodworking shop and offered in two unique finishes — black and beach wave. You have to see this desk in person to truly appreciate the solid, natural wood surface and the quality craftsmanship. We personally can’t wait to get our hands on one.

#5 best Corner:

The V Ryzer Standing Desk by Progressive Desk is a unique corner desk offering that provides ample workspace with its dual 55″-length tabletop pieces. Though, the 120-degree angled design is somewhat unique for the adjustable-height desk industry, the design elements of the V Ryzer are not. As with the rest of the Progressive Desk line of standing desks, it is manufactured in China with the bare minimum design features. The desktop is available in only one size and shape, one material and two color finishes. The adjustable-height range of 49.1″ is not remotely suitable for users 6-feet and taller.