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With mobile playing a major role in the market, we have come up with websites that are mobile friendly. Since every prospective client wont be having the time to get to his laptop or desktop to view your site. He can conveniently access your site from anywhere on his mobile. Since innumerable number of people are busy in their mobiles many a times, you can be within their reach. This also helps to establish a better impression on your clients as they can avail your services without much hassle.

We create responsive websites that are compatible in all browsers both desktop and mobile of different sizes and run on all operating systems. Here are the main features and the way we accomplish it:-

  1. The Web Site support all desktop web browsers in every possible resolution of the screen. Most websites are developed to fit only one resolution. They look different when viewed in different resolutions. For example, a website that looks good in 800*600 resolution may have empty spaces when viewed in 1024*768 resolution. We understand this flaw and know that you might have clients using different resolutions in computer and to give them the best experience possible, we design websites made to fit every resolution.

  2. The Web Site support the all mobile web browsers in every possible screen of respective different mobiles. Mobile is the most accessed electronic device that helps you connect with the internet. Different mobiles have different screen sizes. We design websites that are compatible with every mobile screen. The compatibility doesn’t vary with the size of the mobile screen. Usually, every site has a different set of URLs for every mobile screen. But we develop responsive websites that have the same URL for every mobile screen, irrespective of the size using latest technology to change the rendering of the website on the mobile screen. Every mobile web browser has a different compatibility test for the website. We keep that in mind while developing websites. We develop sites that work in the most common as well as the most under-rated web browser. So any of user or prospective client who wants to visit your site can take a look at it in his mobile from anywhere in the world. Hence, we have sites that are compatible with every possible screen size in every mobile browser.

  3. It should also support Android, Windows, and IOS web browsers in every screen size (xs, md, lg & xl) . We develop websites that are compatible in all three operating systems iOS, Windows and Android and in every screen size. We perform cross- browser testing tests to check whether the sites are compatible in all operating systems in every screen size

Below are the different screen sizes and the device that usually exhibit them

Extra Small Phones Less than 768px
Small Devices Tablets 768px and Up
Medium Devices Desktops 992px and Up
Large Devices Large Desktops 1200px and Up

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