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Search Engine Optimization
Seen as the best technique in digital marketing. SEO refers to optimizing of your website so that it appears at the top of the search engine for a particular set of keywords. Thus it is a way to highlight your website and make it the most preferred and visited website for that particular keywords.

Social Media Marketing
According to a survey in 2017, 85% Americans use social media atleast 6 hours a day. It is the largest visited platform and it too has groups where you can target specific audience. These audiences alaso help you gain an insight in their world, so it helps in making marketing more relatable to them. People rely a lot on these platforms and form an impression of the world from there. So don’t miss out on any chance for marketing your product.

E-Mail And SMS Marketing
Want to establish a long-healthy relationship with your customers? Reach out to them and give them a personal touch by using email and sms marketing. This creates an impact by increasing your customer valuing scales.

Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing
Pay per click marketing are very effective since they appear in search engines only once specific keywords are searched. So you can directly reach your target audience and you pay us once they are interested and click on your advertisements.

Blog for Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
2018 is about to end. It’s high time you plan your business for the next year. With dominance of social media, a lot of marketing strategies have emerged that could be the future of marketing. The ambition for growth and expansion has led to marketing being a lot more innovative and friendly with it’s target audience than it was a decade ago.

Here we take a look at the 4 most important marketing strategies that will help you create your niche in the market:-
  1. Local Influencers: Local iInfluencers are small celebrities that regularly update their social media handles like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. They stay in regular touch with their followers. Using this marketing tool helps you since local influencers have better conversion rates. Big celebrities post once in a while which leads to some of their posts being ignored. Local influencers on the other hand post regularly, so your audience even if they ignored a post unintentionally might come across another that advertises your product.
    Secondly, big celebrities charge much whereas local influencers are more cost reasonable to work with. This helps you since you reach your target audience which might not be the case with big celebrities because they have a mass following and many of them might not even be fir for your product. Thus you save your efforts both on costing and reach.
    Thirdly, celebrities are seen with respect and love combined whereas local influencers are chiefly seen with love. Their lifestyle is more relatable and the audience perceives them in a friendly way. They advice is taken as that of a friend and is acted upon easily. So local influencers is an easy way to go.
  2. Responsive website:- Mobiles have a major role to play. About 80% people access sites on their mobile which they do not on their laptops or desktops. You should definitely go for sites that are mobile responsive. This helps you in a way since your site and content can be accessed by your prospective clients from anywhere and on mobile at anytime.
    Imagine a man travelling in a local bus. He might see your advertisement but forget to go home and check your site. The easy way out for your site is to be mobile friendly since this man can readily and easily access your site in an instant when you are available right on a single touch of the screen.
  3. SEO: Data analysts have proven that 90% people access sites that are on the top of the page and rarely do people go for sites that are on the next page of search engines. Google employees don’t change the website order just for fun.
    They key to this is SEO(Search Engine Optimization). With SEO you can put in your time and efforts to reach on the top. After all, “Rome was not built in a day.” Your consistent efforts will pay off soon.
    Secondly, post blogs and articles that are answers to questions. Frame your content in such a way that it is an answer to a question because users usually ask questions to their search engines since the time voice receptors have been introduced.
  4. Pay per click ads: A new way of advertisement is PPC(Pay per click) ads. These ads pop up on social networking site of user depending on the data they usually access. This is definitely helpful since you reach your target audience and you pay only once the audience accesses it.
    So you build a level of intrigue followed by a click which can make the targeted client more interested in your product as you perform your trick.
    Thus this is step by step marketing. Anyone who is not interested will ignore ad thus you have filters on two levels. Firstly, only the target audience sees your ad and secondly out of the target audience only the interested people click. You can curate content that is attractive and effective and in return your conversion rate is higher than you would normally achieve through a board or television advertisement.

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